YouTube Algorithm in 2023, Here’s How It Works!

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A good way to reach a lot more viewers is by getting YouTube to recommend your videos. Thus, you need to understand how the algorithm works.

Entire careers and fortunes have been made by creators who learn how to consistently get recommended.

Below are 3 things you need to know about the YouTube algorithm.

1. Most important factor is watch history.

YouTube is MOST likely to recommend videos to people based on their previous watch history. For example if a person watched one of your videos, then he is much more likely to get additional content recommended from your channel.

Thus, you should take action every day to reach more viewers. This way YouTube will have a lot more people to whom it can recommend your videos.


2. Second most important factor is YouTube search.

If YouTube does NOT have your videos in anybody’s watch history, then it’s much harder for the algorithm to recommend your videos.

Thus, the next place where your videos will show up is SEARCH RESULTS. Here YouTube uses data from your video’s title and description to determine which videos to display.

From your end … release A LOT of content and make sure to write proper titles and descriptions so YouTube has many of your videos in search results.

3. Third best way to get highlighted is through niche content.

Getting your video ranked high in YouTube search results is HARD because there are thousands of videos for most topics. This is why we recommend to release NICHE content where there is less competition. For example, there are thousands of videos about Minecraft so it would be difficult to get your video in the top search results for these keywords.

BUT … if you create NICHE content, then you can be the top ranking video because there is much less competition.

For example, if you’re a musician try singing cover songs of B level artists instead of A list celebs. This way your videos are more likely to rank high on YouTube because there is less competition for these keywords.

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