mtn zone best alternative
mtn zone best alternative

Unbeatable Deals: Get 16GB for just Ghc50 and 1GB for only Ghc1.1 with MTN Zone’s Best Alternative!

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For a long time, MTN Zone has been the go-to for affordable data plans in Ghana. However, with the recent news that MTN Zone is no longer working, many customers have been left wondering where to turn next.

The good news is that there is still an alternative that offers unbeatable deals on data.

With 16GB for just Ghc50, 1GB for only Ghc1.1 and with Ghc10 you could get 3.5GB worth of data, this best MTN Zone alternative is here to save the day.

Best MTN Zone Bundle Alternative


Ostensibly, MTN has gotten rid of the Zone Bundle for good, but there’s always equal alternative or even a better one!

Vodafone Ghana has been offering this better alternative for quite some time now but I guess the Zone Bundle blindfolded most of y’all.

Vodafone Ghana have a Made for Me (M4M) offers that are jaw-dropping and it Will end your quest for a Better MTN Zone Bundle Alternative.

To start enjoying this amazing offer from Vodafone, you’d need a Vodafone SIM card which I think most of y’all already have, if you don’t have one already too, it doesn’t cost most to acquire one!

Dail *530# on your newly acquired Vodafone SIM card or the already existing one.

Vodafone will display the offers they’ve got for you that particular day. Just so you know, the offers varies each day.

best mtn zone data bundle
best mtn zone data bundle


In conclusion, with the demise of MTN Zone, it’s essential to find an alternative that offers similar unbeatable deals.

Luckily, there’s a new alternative that not only offers better deals but is also more reliable.

mtn zone best alternative
mtn zone best alternative

With this new alternative, you can get 16GB for just Ghc50 and 1GB for only Ghc1.1, making it easier and more affordable to stay connected.

Don’t let the demise of MTN Zone hinder you from staying connected; sign up for this new and better alternative today!

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