this simple trick can make your laggy android phone 5x faster
this simple trick can make your laggy android phone 5x faster

This Simple Trick Can Make your laggy Android Phone 5x Faster!

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this simple trick can make your laggy android phone 5x faster
this simple trick can make your laggy android phone 5x faster

Android Is fun to use but it can sometimes be a pain in the arse – Especially when is being used for a few couple months.

The Android OS tends to become slow on almost every Android Phone. Perhaps, this could be a result of memory consumption of various installed apps.

Why is my android suddenly so slow?

Due to the freedom Android devices comes with, (i.e Installation of Cracked/nulled Paid Applications), most of it users utilizes this privilege by installing cracked Versions Of paid application from unsecured sources.

Such Applications can consume lots of the phone’s memory, since the original code of the app is tempered illegally with added malwares/viruses which will eventually make the device pretty laggy.

In Most Cases, Uninstalling these Cracked applications obtained from untrusted sources with it data’s removed might help the Android Phone run a bit smooth, Is advisable we stop installing cracked versions of paid applications into our android devices.

What can You do To make Android Phone Faster?

Clearing Excess Data Stored in the phone’s cache and, or clearing unused apps can slightly help solve the issue. – Although you don’t use some app frequently, you need them once in a while, so you might not need to completely remove them, you can clear their data and ‘Force stop’ them to stop running and reduce memory consumption.

Below is an Illustration of how to clear Apps Cache or data and Force stop them

Clear App cache, Data and Force Stop Them

Go to Settings > App > and Locate the apps you need to clear its data and click on it.


Click On Storage To visit the data and Cache page

inshot 20210808 123039593
inshot 20210808 123039593now

Now You click on Clear Data/Cache and after you click on Force stop, thus if you seldomly use that app and don’t want to eliminate it from the Phone completely.

inshot 20210808 123102500
inshot 20210808 123102500

Turn on Developer Mode

Ultimately, This Method speeds up the Phone’s speed 3 to 5 times.

To enable developer mode and enjoy the benefits it comes with? – Go to your phone’s settings

inshot 20210808 122503445
inshot 20210808 122503445

Look for Build Number and Click on it five to seven times to enable the developer mode.

inshot 20210808 122650613
Developer Mode

After Developer Mode is Successfully Enabled, Scroll down to locate Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale and turn all of them off, as shown in the image below.

screenshot 20210812 132100 1
Window Animation Scale

That Is It, Your Android phone should be faster now!


Q: Why is my android suddenly so slow?
  • Android Phone could be slow when it Has excessive stored data on cache, also when the user has installed Cracked version of paid applications – However, It can be an Update Issue.
Q: How Can I make my Android phone Faster?
  • Clearing Excess Data Stored In Phone’s Cache and Eliminating Unused apps can help solve the issue.
Q: How to access developer options in Android
  1. Go to Settings >👉 About Phone
  2. Tap Software Info or System Update >👉 Build Number
  3. Tap on Developer option five to seven times to Enable.
  4. Go Back to Settings Panel to look for It.


After These simple tricks, your android phone’s speed should skyrocket.

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