sikawura loan
sikawura loan

SikaWura Loan: Get an Instant Loan in Ghana With Sikawura App

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sikawura loan
sikawura loan

If there’s anything we must applaud technology for, Fintech must be one facet technology deserves to hurray – Since it has automated delivery and enhanced the use of financial services.

The inception of Fintech has Aid Mankind in various ways which Mobile Loan is among.

Acquiring a Loan In Africa, Precisely In Ghana Is not guaranteed to be given either from the Bank, friend or a family member – Due to this people always find it tremendously difficult to implement their business ideas.

However, the introduction of Mobile Loan Apps In Ghana has come to ease our pain.

Currently, everyone seem to be facing the economic hardship in the country, and sometimes people just need more cash to solve life problems, this is where mobile loan apps such as Sikawura comes to play.

Sikawura can provide instant cash advance online when you need a quick cash loan.

It doesn’t matter why you borrow money, nor does your credit rating – flash loans are available to everyone, and they even offer loans for bad credit.

If you meet the basic requirements (age, income), simply apply online to get the SIKAWURA advance.

However, in This Article, we shall talk about how to get an Instant loan from Sikawura Loan App.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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sikawura loan get an instant loan in ghana now
sikawura loan get an instant loan in ghana now

What Is Sikawura?

Sikawura it’s a fast and reliable way of borrowing money instantly when you need to pay off an urgent debt, fund an unexpected travel, or really want to buy something new.

You can get a payday loan without any lengthy procedures or collateral.

Who Is Eligible For SikaWura Loan?

The Eligibility of the SikaWura Loan Application are:

  • Legal citizen of Ghana
  • 22 years of age or older
  • Have a stable monthly income
  • No record of breach of credit and breach of contract

What Makes Sikawura Loan Better than Its Competitors?

You might have heard of lots of Mobile Loan apps in Ghana, So, You may be wondering why you should choose Sikawura Loan Over the Others.

Below are the reason why you should Choose Sikawura as you lender;

  • 👉 No credit check, no problem with bad credit
  • 👉 Value for money, no hidden charges
  • 👉 Quick and easy instant decision making
  • 👉 It’s Convenient, money sent direct to your bank

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What is the Interest Rate?

Sikawura offers a APR of up to 24% and as low as 5%Short.

Sikawura Loan Amount

To answer the question of How much loan does Sikawura gives, it’s simple. As a new lendee, it solely depends on your credit score and the amount given as a new lender varies…

However, Sikawura Loan can give up to 250,000cedis loan.

How To Apply For Sikawura Loan?

Now that almost all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, let’s tackle the loan application aspect!

To Apply for the SikaWura Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)

After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

Sikawura Loan Sign Up

Create an Account with SIKAWURA Loan with your Phone Number, and choose Password.

Ps: When you type your phone number, you shall receive a One-time code, use that in the “Enter the OTP” Space.

sikawura loan
sikawura loan

After a successfully the SikaWura Loan account, you shall see a screen similar to the one above, click on “APPLY NOW” to proceed.

Personal Info

As shown in the image below, you must provide some basic information about yourself.

  • First Name (e.g Frank)
  • Middle Name – Optional (Osei)
  • Last Name (Nyarko)
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Date of Birth.
how to apply for sikawura loan
how to apply for sikawura loan
  • Email Address
  • Alternative Number
  • Marital Status (Single, Married, Divorce)
  • Are you are student?
sikawura loan application 1
sikawura loan application 1

When you’re done with the personal information, click on Next to proceed.

Contact Information

On the next page, you must select two people as reference number.

Remember Sikawura would only call these people when you can’t repay the loan.

When done, please click on Next!

sikawura loan in ghana
sikawura loan in ghana

MoMo Wallet Number

sikawura mobile loan 1
sikawura mobile loan 1

Now, you must choose how you’d like to get your loan disbursed to you..

  • Walet Mobile (You mobile money Number)
  • User name (The name on your mobile money wallet)
  • Wallet channel (MTN, Vodafone or TigoAirtel?)

When you are through with that, tap on next to go to the next page.

Identity Verification

sikawura loan app
sikawura loan app

You must provide a valid ID to verify your identity. In my case, I used Ghana Card, but you can also use the old or new Voter’s ID.

Select the card type and Type the ID number in the space provided beneath it.

When done, please click on Next and you should be taking to the page where your loan offer would be shown to you.

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Loan on your terms

Last, your loan offer will be available on this page with information like:

  • Loan amount
  • Loan Tenure
  • Documens and Compliance Fee [Deduction before disbursement]
  • Interest and Service fee [Charged when repayment]
  • Total Interest
  • Overdue penalty interest
  • Disbursal Amount
  • Total Repayment
apply for mobile loan with sikawura
apply for mobile loan with sikawura

When everything looks good to you, Tap on “Apply” and Sikawura Will Approve and disbursed the money into your momo account in few minutes.

SikaWura Loan Contact Info

Contact Sikawura Loan support via:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +233 208881814

Where is Sikawura Loan Located?

Where is the location of Sikawura Loan? – Sikawura Loan is situated at Yawhima, Sunyani, Ghana.

SikaWura Loan working Hours

Sikawura loan working hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: from 9:00am to 6:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: From 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Mobi Loan! We are always excited when we are able to provide valuable information on a topic like this!

This was a quick post, but still had a lot of great information on how to get an instant loan of 5000 cedis. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below and we shall attend to you.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this blog post helpful!

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