scam alert poster template
scam alert poster template

Scam Alert; Dont Fall for this cheap Instant Mobile Loan Scam

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scam alert poster template
scam alert poster template

Since I’ve been writing about mobile loan apps, recently, I’ve been seeing lots of loan apps adverts almost everywhere on the internet which is comprehensible.

One thing I wasn’t aware of was the fact that people were given instant loans on WhatsApp until the day I saw about three different instant loan ads on Facebook. I visited the comments section and I was blown away by the comments people were making. Almost everyone was calling them scammers. The biggest question on my mind then was “HOW“?.

I engaged one of the commentators (A lady) in a convo under the comment she made, asking her how she got scammed. However, this lady was skeptical, thinking I was one of them. She later told me they asked her to send some money (65cedis) to get registered before they can lend her the money, upon paying, she lost her money and didn’t get any loan.

The advertisers of that Ad blocked me, I couldn’t even see the ladies reply anymore.

As I was surfing Facebook after they’ve blocked me, I saw another instant loan ad, this time around, I decided to test the depth of the water with my one leg so I can live to share my experience with my readers.

So, I took their number and chat them on WhatsApp. On their about us of the WhatsApp account is this bold statement “24/7 Online platform of quick/instant loan loans & savings Ghana..Get A Loan with A Low Interest Rate, Apply Today, Get Your Loan In 3hrs”

Well, some of the instant loan apps I know approve and disburse your loan in less than 2mins (i.e Fido Loan, Ghanalending among others) not in 3hrs and none ask you to make a deposit to be given a loan.

screenshot 20220210 183730
screenshot 20220210 183730

Once I contacted and asked them how THEIR LOAN works, I was sent a lengthy TERMS AND CONDITIONS with everything I deserve to know, Probably.

One major requirement is a SHARES or processing fee of at least 65cedis, right after that is this pleading statement, trying to convince you they won’t run away with your 65cedis.

“PLEASE We’re Not Here To Take Anyone’s Money…Get Registered, Receive Your Loan & Your New Quick/Instant Savings Account Details In Less Than 3 Hours Of Registration!”

❌My Dear, under no circumstance, should you send money to anyone before money is lent to you❌❗❗❗

Read our conversation below.

Supremo DM

Good morning,

I picked this number from a Facebook Ads concerning an Instant loan, please how does this work?

Instant Loan Agent

This Is An Instant/Quick Loans And Savings Ghana,We Offer Loans To Everyone Both Businesses,Personal, Student s,Government Loan and Various Business Investments.
To become a member or to Open A Savings Account and to acquire a loan from QUICK/INSTANT LOANS & SAVINGS,One is required to First acquire SHARES Or Deposit A Processing Fee Of (@LEAST 65GHC)

PLEASE We’re Not Here To Take Anyone’s Money…Get Registered, Receive Your Loan & Your New Quick/Instant Savings Account Details In Less Than 3 Hours Of Registration!
*The Registration/Processing Fees Is INEVITABLE,We use it to gauge *ONE’S FINANCIAL STRENGTH/CAPABILITY TO PAY BACK the loan.*

Please Note:::
All The Fees Both The Registration,Loan Processing & Your New Account Fees Will Be Added Into Your New Quick/Instant Account Immediately After Registration,You Can Withdraw Your Money Through Your New Quick Account Or Through Your MoMo Account Attached In Your Registration Forms.
You’ll Receive a Secret Or Confirmation CODE After the Final Registrations Process

(Please Remember…The Processing/Shares Fees Is Not Deducted From The Loan,You Have To Deposit The Fees Before The Disbursement Of Your Loan!)
You’ll Be Qualified To Take A Loan Of Ghc500——Ghc15,000 Only For Your First Time!
You’ll become a full member if we confirm your informations & your first Shares/Processing Fees…. We’ll Disburse your first loan & Your New Quick/Instant Account Details within (3 Hours Of Registration,) into your preferred Mobile Money Account… Please If the loan delays,alert us immediately!

Repayment plan
All loans are paid back in 1 to 15 months, monthly installments Only,(6) percent interest rate annually/Yearly.

You Can Reach Or Visit Us Via Our headquarters in Ghana @ 48 Blohum Road, Dzorwulu Accra Second Floor, Opposite Dzorwulu Ghana Police Station
Digital Address (GA-6386-1805)
We have more than 29 agents around the country,This is to help people meet their emergencies

We’re Here 24/7 Online To Reach Anyone In Need,Anytime Anyday,We’ll Help You To Get Registered Right Now If You Accept Our Terms And Conditions!

Please,Do You Accept Our Terms & Conditions?
If Yes,Kindly Request For A Form,Tell Us Let’s Start Your Loan & Your New Quick Account Immediately!

Supremo DM

I Accept, let’s start please.

Instant Loan Agent

Please we strongly believed that you have gone through our terms and conditions carefully and you have accepted our Terms…
If YES,,,Are You Now Ready To Fill The Form & Ready To Deposit Your Processing/Shares Fees?
It’s Not Advisable To Fill The Form While Not Yet Ready,,,If Ready Please Tell Us Let’s Start The Processings Immediately

Supremo DM

I’m ready

Instant Loan Agent

*Please Click the Application link Above👆👆,Fill All the Required Information,Then Kindly Press “Submit”*
*Please Get Back To Us Immediately You Have Submitted Your Application Form!*
*Make Sure You Provide Or Give Us Your Authentic/Verified Informations Via The Application Form,If Not,We Can’t Process Your Loan & New Quick/Instant Savings Accounts.*
*We’re Waiting To Receive Your Application Form!*

Supremo DM


At this point, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me this is leading nowhere except getting scammed. Therefore, I didn’t bother filling the forms I was given. I ended the chat with OKAY!

If you need an instant loan, try the following loan apps;

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