motitos buy now and paylater 2
motitos buy now and paylater 2

Motito Paylater: How to buy and paylater iPhone, Samsung Phones, Refrigerators, Human Hair, Television sets, Air conditioners etc…

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motitos buy now and paylater 2
motitos buy now and paylater 2


Somethings are necessities yet one has to break their banks before they can own them. With the fear of breaking bank accounts, most people are usually forced to live without these necessities. Looking at how hot the weather is currently in Ghana, having an Air conditioner in one’s room could have save them from the hot weather – but due to the wages an average Ghanaian take home, compared to the prices of Air conditioners, it almost seem impossible such person can ever afford to pay in full to own one.

This is where Motito Paylater comes in! Ostensibly, hire purchase or buy now, pay later is quite popular in countries like USA, Canada, among others. This scheme tend to help people own certain devices while they pay in installment.

Without a doubt, I see this initiative by Motito Paylater as a golden opportunity to many Ghanaian citizens in the middle and lower class.

So, in this article, I shall discuss with you on how to Successfully buy items with Motito Paylater and pay in a four splitted installments.

What Is Motito Paylater?

“Paylater by motito” or Motito Paylater allows you to pay for goods and services in instalments. You can shop online or in-store at any Paylater retail partner and they’ll spread the cost over a maximum period of 3months for you. It’s just that little bit extra breathing space to make buying easier.

Can I get anything I want with Motito Paylater?

Yes, you can get anything you want from Motito since they have many vendors you can buy from whiles motito Paylater helps you pay in installment via their mobile App which is available on Apple store and Google Play Store.

Below are some merchants Motito works with :-

  • iShop Electronics
  • TCL Ghana
  • Ashfoam
  • Wig Clug
  • Evic Clothing
  • Hitech Solutions
  • Glam in Inches
  • Intact Ghana
  • Electromart
  • Warehouse Deals Ghana
motitos buy now and paylater merchants 1
motitos buy now and paylater merchants 1

With all these merchants or vendors, I’m pretty sure yiu will get what you want with Motito Paylater.

Who can use Motito Paylater?

Paylater is available to all people who fit the following criteria:
• Must Live and work in Ghana
• Must Be at least 21 years old
• Must Have a valid and verifiable income paid into a bank account in Ghana

How can you use Motito Paylater?

Using is very simple, just Download the paylater app from play store (CLICK HERE) or Apple store , create an account and activate your account.

Now When you are ready to shop online, select any of they retail stores on the app, browse through their inventory and call to confirm availability.

When shopping in-store, confirm the merchant supports Motito Paylater, also you will need to let the sales staff know you would like to pay using Motito Paylater.

How to make a purchase with a merchant?

1 Visit Merchant’s Store

motitos buy now and paylater 2

This can be done online Facebook, Instagram, their personal website etc..

2 Select product of your choice

motitos buy now and paylater 2

This can be done online Facebook, Instagram, their personal website etc..

3 Get in touch with the Merchant

motitos buy now and paylater 2

This to confirm the availability of the product and price of the product.

4 Input the Amount

motitos buy now and paylater 2

After the merchant gives you the price of the product, enter the amount into Motito Paylater app

5 Select Payment terms

screenshot 20220211 185142

Select the payment term that best suit your financial capability

6 Make 40% first payment

motitos buy now and paylater 2

Pay 40% of the price of the product and pay the rest in installment based on your payment term selected.


Buy now, pay later is finally here in Ghana and I’m certain it will help lots of people, and I really hope this article helps you buy new appliances and pay later.


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