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Is Buying a New Car Worth It?

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It is hard to argue with the fact that buying a brand-new car can be an exciting experience. The notion of having all the latest features and something untainted can prove to be intoxicating, especially when the car also has a powerful engine to act as the cherry on top. Although many would like to buy cars from new, most instead opt to go for used instead as they represent better value for money. But when things are more likely to go wrong on used cars, many will be wondering if it is truly better to go for used instead of buying a new car.

One thing that many will point to when considering buying a new car is depreciation. All cars that are not collectors’ items will always depreciate, which hardly makes them a smart investment option. But the fact is that cars are tools which many need in their daily lives. However, just because they are tools does not mean that people should not try and save money. New cars will lose their value as soon as the purchase is completed and the driver takes it home, and by the end of the first year of ownership, up to 40% of the value could be lost. This is something that buyers will need to weigh up themselves and decide if buying their dream car is new is worth losing so much money passively. It may make more sense to buy a slightly older model of that car that has been well-kept, ensuring the best of both worlds.

When it comes to reliability, new cars shine, and this makes up a leading reason why some people decide to buy new.  For those that see their cars as tools and not something that they love, then this makes great sense as it is unlikely that a new car will ever let them down for as long as they own it. This is in comparison to a used car, where parts have been in function for a while and could have been worn down. Those who have driven for a long time will know of the frustration when an unexpected problem with the car pops up. It should be noted that brand-new cars also come with a manufacturer warranty, meaning that if anything does go wrong, it can be fixed at no cost by the carmakers themselves. This offers extra security of mind and is a great reason to buy new.

In 2021, the decision of buying a used or new car seems to have been muddied slightly due to the recent pandemic. While many spent the lockdowns at home and partaking in actives such as online gambling, like at, others took the opportunity to look for their next car purchase. People soon found that used car prices have risen somewhat, as more people were holding onto their cars as production of new vehicles has been stopped. Although the gulf in price between used and new is still sizeable, it is now less than it was before and may cause some buyers to think twice before buying used over new.

By following this guide, those who were on the fence over the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car should now have the confidence to make a decision.

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