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In 2022, Here’s How to Track Your Social Media Traffic

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Social media is important in building businesses, and for doing that, it’s vital to have a solid way to track your entire social media campaign. Collecting these data will allow you to make the right changes going forward for building a strong business and increase engagement and conversions. Hence giving you the ability to know what post brings more engagement to your page. To achieve great results, you have to put all into your social media campaigns.

One of the best ways to grow as a company is to track every single marketing channel you have implemented.

So, if you are using PPC (Pay Per Click), then you need to track the results of these campaigns. Or, if you are choosing banner advertising, then make sure you have a way to track this so you know if you have higher conversions and ROI (Return Of Investments) than your competitor.

Here are some tools which we think are awesome to track social media traffic:

Facebook Insights

This tool is developed by Facebook and provides insights about your audience. You will have access to a great number of information about your business community, age groups, location, interests, buying habits or related groups. To see the Page Insights, click Insights at the top of your Page.

This information helps you build the right social media campaigns for Facebook and optimize your traffic.

It is known that Facebook has one of the best analytical data for advertisers and this data will let you find out information about your readers and where the traffic is coming from. Moreover, it tells you how your fans engage with your content, a data that is very important to improve conversions.

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Instagram Analytic ‘Insights’

This tool was recently launched on Instagram for business pages and this is a very great opportunity to track your audience. You will be able to see the number of followers gained, impression, gender, age, post with the highest reach, and the location with the highest view.

Its more advantageous because it gives you an idea whether to continue with your content or upgrade your content to push more traffic or create more engagement.

To do this, you want to go to your Instagram profile and click the gear in the top right corner. This will bring you to settings. Then finding yourself down just a few tabs is “Switch to Business Profile.” From there you are asked to link this to a Facebook Business Page. This is a must and can only be done with a Facebook business account so be sure to have one created if you don’t already.
Once set up, you will then be able to go back to your profile and see the icon for Insights in the top right. As seen below, you will then have access to this main screen which is filled with some very helpful tools including impressions, reach, and website clicks in your profile.

Google Analytics

This is one of the best and easiest ways to monitor, track and collect data quickly. The Google tool provides an all-in-one solution, where you can find data on landing pages, users, bounce rate, referrals, locations, and so much more.

This will allow you to gather an entire data about your campaign which will help you to build a strong momentum.

Here’s some of the information you should pay close attention to when getting started:
Location: you can find out where most of your visitors are coming from so that you can focus on these areas when going forward.
Bounce rate: it will allow you to find out how people relate to your content, if they like it or not. So, the longer they are staying on your page, the better it is for you.
Referral: this section is great because it’ll give you the insights into where your audience is coming from, and will help you understand what social networks are converting the best. For example, if the data shows traffic coming from Facebook, then you will know this is a solid social media network for your business.
Landing page: every time you run a social media campaign, push out several posts to ascertain which ones will speak to your fans or audience. It’s important you track your landing pages because this will tell you what pages your fans like the most. Also, it will provide insight into what posts on social media did better than others.


All the above tools are among some of the best for tracking social media traffic so that you can optimize your campaigns. Overtime, these platforms can help you understand not only your traffic, but which social media campaigns works best for engagement.
So are there other tools that you are currently using ? Be sure to leave a comment .

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