mtn mobile money airtime reversal
mtn mobile money airtime reversal

How to Reverse MTN MOMO Airtime to Cash – MTN Mobile Money Airtime Reversal Guide.

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mtn mobile money airtime reversal
mtn mobile money airtime reversal


Ever been in a situation where you’ve mistakenly purchased airtime from your mobile money account instead of sending as cash?

Yikes! That feeling is soo awful. Could ruin your entire day or gives you a sleepless nights.

I recently purchased Ghc400 as airtime from my MOMO and that’s how I came by this idea of writing on how to reverse MTN Mobile Money Airtime to Cash.

So if you find yourself in suchlike situation, don’t panic because there’s a way out.

MTN has put out rules of which enables costumers to reverse money they mistakenly sent as airtime back to money.

Sounds Good right? Yeah, It is. This Article will walk you through the process of doing this in a jiffy.

Without Further ado, let’s get started.

MTN Mobile Money Airtime Reversal Terms and Conditions

Before we begin with the process of reversing your MTN Mobile Money Airtime, I thought is essential you know the terms and conditions governing the MTN Airtime Reversal.

  1. Reversals cover only airtime purchased from a MoMo subscriber’s wallet
  2. Reversals are initiated by the subscriber from their own wallets.
  3. Reversals from Merchant / Agent airtime purchase is not allowed.
  4. Minimum airtime to be reversed is GHS 10. Transactions below GHS 10 cannot be reversed.
  5. No partial reversal is allowed. The subscriber needs to ensure that the full value of airtime purchased and the bonus amount received is available before the reversal can be effected.
  6. In case some part of the bonus or main airtime has been used by the customer, the transaction cannot be reversed. The customer has the opportunity to top-up to ensure that the full amount is available to be able to reverse.
  7. The sender of the Airtime needs to contact the receiver to approve the reversal after initiating the reversal.
  8. Airtime reversal can only be done within 72 hours of performing the transaction.
  9. No reversal can be processed after 72 hours of purchase.
  10. Notification will be sent to both the sender and receiver upon completion of the reversal.

How to Convert MTN Credit Back to Cash?

mtn mobile money airtime reversal 1
mtn mobile money airtime reversal 1

Follow the steps below to complete your MTN Mobile Money Airtime Reversal process:-

  • First, Dial *170#
  • Second, Now Select Wallet (6)
  • Now, Select Airtime (7)
  • Enter 1 to confirm the Reversal.

Thats it, a confirmation message will be sent you almost instantly after the process is done.

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