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How Surfline’s Big Mood Bundles are changing the telecom narrative

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Surfline is excited to announce the introduction of its Digital Lifestyle Bundles. With the Big Mood bundles, Surfline no longer communicates “Gb for a price” to the customer, it is fully focused on what using Surfline’s internet data means for customers in their digital life. Surfline therefore has introduced four new Digital Lifestyle bundles called the Big Mood Bundles:

  • Binge Xtra enable the customer to bingewatch their favourite video content (eg Netflix) during 4hrs for only GHS 15.
  • Zoom’n’more enables the customer to do ZOOM calls (or MS Teams, etc) during 4hrs for only GHS15.
  • Work Streak enables the customer to access online knowledge during a period of 8 hours for only 50GHS.
  • After Hours enables the customer consume digital online content during a period of 6 hours for only 20GHS.

According to the Commercial Director, Mr. Isaac Armar, “the whole idea is that customers can purchase these bundles at any time of the month they like. The purchasing behaviour is meant to be similar to what people do in their non-digital life. For example – if somebody wants to drink beer tonight with friends, they go and buy a 6-pack. If they also want to watch a movie, they can buy Binge Xtra as well, and enjoy a great evening together. And if they have to do ZOOM calls the next morning, for work, they buy Zoom’n’more, which gets them through the morning with 4 hours of ZOOM time. If they need a lot of access to knowledge as a result of that ZOOM call, they can buy the Work Streak bundle the day after.”

The overall philosophy is that customers can buy the digital life style bundle when they need it, the same way they would buy food, drinks, or a ride with Uber/Bolt when they need it.

Surfline plans to revolutionize the telecom landscape in Ghana in favour of the customers, by changing the narrative from customers buying large monthly bundles of plain Gigabytes into buying short-duration time-based lifestyle bundles when they need them. That makes it much easier for customers to understand how much they must buy and use for consuming digital content services. The Big Mood Bundle portfolio is the first of it’s kind in Ghana addressing this narrative.

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