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GhLending Instant Online Loan App: Get up to Ghc5000 in 2 minutes.



Mobile loan apps is on the raise in Ghana currently.

There are collosal amount of lending apps made available on Google play store and on the internet.

Among the numerous lending apps or instant mobile loan apps in Ghana is Ghlending which was formerly known as GhanaLending.

In this article, we shall review the Ghlending lending in general, what Ghlending app is, who is eligible for Ghlending loan, Ghlending Loan interest rate, Ghlending loan requirements, Ghlending term and more.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Ghlending App?

GhLending is an online lending app based in Ghana. It is a mobile credit cash loan app for finance.

The GhLending app is a premium financial app that helps gives users easy access to online loans with flexible terms.

Ghlending App Product Details

Ghlending Loan amount ranges from GHS 100 – GHS 5000. You should know that, once you keeps paying for your loan in time, you are being given a higher loan amounts.

Ghlending Loan term is 90-365 days according the information provided by them on Thier website/Google Play store page but when I tested it out, it was 7, 10 days upwards.

Ghlending Daily loan interest rate are as follows: 0.04%
Annual loan interest rate (APR): 4%-35%
Origination fees range from GHS 4 – GHS 210 one-time charge

Below is an estimated calculation:
-If you apply a loan of GHS 3,000 with a total repayment period of 91days (46 days 1st installment & 45 days 2nd installment) on September 8 2022.
-You will get the loan amount GHS 3,000 on September 8 2022.
-The 1st installment due date is October 23 2022 with amount GHS 1,500, Interest 3000 * rate  0.04%/day * 46 =56 and origination fees 3000 * 0.02%/day * 45 =28, due repayment is 1,500+56+28=GHS 1,584
-The 2nd installment due date is December 6 2022 with amount GHS 1,500, Interest 1500 * rate  0.04%/day * 46 =27 and origination fees 1500 * 0.02%/day * 45 =14, due repayment is 1,500+27+14=GHS 1,541
-The total repayment should be 1st installment due repayment GHS
1,584+ 2nd installment due repayment GHS 1,541= GHS 3,125.

Why People Uses GhLending – Fast Online Loans App?

People’s reason for using this particular lending app over the lots may varies but below are few listed.
• No collateral and no paper work – get cash online within 1 day
• No need to go to the office or branch
• No hidden fees
• Apply in just 5 minutes. Easy and fast
• 24/7 online chat, email and phone customer support
• Fair loan conditions. We are fair and respect our customers
• Online loan up to GHS 10000

How to apply for Ghlending loan?

Applying for Ghlending is pretty simple and straightforwarded.

You Just have to download the Ghlending mobile app and complete simple application.

  1. Download the Ghlending App from Google Play Store
  2. Register through your Phone Number
  3. Identity through the app.
  4. Get money sent to your account

Who is allowed to apply GhLending credits.

Now, you might be wondering if you qualify for the Ghlending Loan.

Well, below are the eligibility or Requirements for getting Ghlending Loan.

  • You must be between 18 to 60
  • You must be a Ghanaian Citizenship
    • You must be a Salary/self-employed with a regular source of income

You should Note

Please note that in order to use the Services of Ghlending, you must grant them permission to access your location, SMS logs and Calendar for the reasons stated below in their Terms of Service. Their use of the foregoing data will all times be subject to our Privacy Policy.

CONTACT Ghlending:

If you have any feedback, questions or concerns about the services of Ghlending, please feel free to contact them via any of the medius below.
Address: JRGH+73C, Unnamed Road, Accra, Ghana
Customer service email: [email protected]


I hope this article was helpful in your quest of acquiring an instant loan for unexpected situation?

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