your loan is successfully paid
your loan is successfully paid

GhanaLending: How to repay GhanaLending Loan with just a single click.

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how to repay ghanalending loan
how to repay ghanalending loan


There are many mobile loan apps out there who will offer loans to Ghanaian mobile users. These loans are offers that are extended to individuals and businesses who need money and can’t get loans elsewhere.

Although their loans are sound, the interest rates are certainly not. But GhanaLending Loan’s interest rate is very moderate and the best among the lots.

For those of you who have taken a loan from GhanaLending and are wondering how to repay it, this blog will guide you through step by step.

It will provide you with all the information you need to successfully repay your GhanaLending loan.

Infact, GhanaLending loan repayment is he easiest I’ve come across. With just a click of a botton in the app, your loan repayment process has begin.

Now, let’s get down to business.

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GhanaLending Loan Repayment

Kindly open the GhanaLending loan app and once your in the app, you should see your active now and the amount you are to pay.

Please click on Repayment Now

ghanalending loan repayment
ghanalending loan repayment

Once you click on the Repayment Now botton, you should see a message like “Wait for the payment Pop-up window, refresh after payment”

ghanalending loan repayment refresh the page
ghanalending loan repayment refresh the page

After aa while, the payment pop-up window will appear.

Authorize Payment

ghanalending repayment authorize payment
ghanalending repayment authorize payment

The payment pop-up window will appear like the above image, you’re to enter your mobile money pin to authorize the payment.

Please enter your mobile money pin and click on SEND.

ghanalending repayment successfully made
ghanalending repayment successfully made

After aa successful payment, you will see “Payment of 125.00 has been made successfully” an indication that your GhanaLending loan repayment was successful.

your loan is successfully paid
your loan is successfully paid

GhanaLending will send you a confirmation instantly and update the app as well. You will see a screen saying “Your loan is fully paid”.

Since your loan is fully paid, you can always borrow another plan with the GhanaLending app.

Contact GhanaLending Loan

If you are finding difficulties in paying back your loan, you can contact the GhanaLending loan support team via any of the mediums below:-

Call: 0599 321 199

Whatsapp: 0599 321 606

Email: [email protected]


Thank you for visiting our blog post which provides information on how to repay your GhanaLending loan.

We hope this post is helpful for you as you go about repaying your loan.

If you have any additional questions, please you can ask in the comments section and we shall reply as soon as possible.

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