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Get an instant loan without collateral with CediHelp Loan App in 2023.

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Mobile loan apps has become common in Ghana recently, However selecting the best Mobile Loan app could be a pain in the arse.

Loanflaver.com and it sister blog, Techflaver.com has decided to write comprehensive articles about these loan apps in order to make your quest of getting instant loan quite snappy and swift.

In this article, we’d talk about CediHelp, a Fast, Safe and Instant Loan app in Ghana. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

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cedihelp 1024×576 1

What is CediHelp?

Cedihelp is an instant loan app, a fast and safe way of acquiring loan. With Cedihelp, you can get a loan without collateral.

With this app, all you need is to fill in your personal information. PS: Their services are only available to citizens over the age of 18 in Ghana.

CediHelp Interest rate, Loan Amount and Term.

According to the information made available on Google play store by CediHelp, their interest rate ranges from 3% to 30% per annum with a loan amount of GHS 100 to GHS 5,000 and a Loan terms from 91 to 365 days.

For instance..

If you apply a loan of GHS 1,000 with a total repayment period of 91days (45 days 1st installment & 46 days 2nd installment) on August 1 2022.
-You will get the loan amount GHS 1,000 on August 1 2022.
-The 1st installment due date is September 15 2022 with amount GHS 500, Interest GHS 14 and origination fees GHS 10, due repayment is 500+14+10=GHS 524
-The 2nd installment due date is October 30 2022 with amount KSh 500, Interest GHS 7 and origination fees GHS 5, due repayment is 500+7+5=GHS 512
-The total repayment should be 1st installment due repayment GHS
524+ 2nd installment due repayment GHS 512= GHS 1,036.

Cedihelp Eligibility

Who is Eligible for CediHelp loan? I’m glad you ask.

To be eligible for this loan, the applicant must be a citizen of Ghana, aged above 18 and must have a good credit score.

How to apply for CediHelp Mobile Loan In Ghana?

screenshot 20220830 232711 google play store
screenshot 20220830 232711 google play store

Applying this loan is pretty simple and straightforwarded. You’d simply have to download their app from Google play store, create an account, fill out your business information, then doom you loan is approved and disbursed!

It’s that simple!

How does CediHelp Loan app work?

In five steps, this is how the CediHelp Loan app works.

  1. You should download it to your device from the Google Play Store
  2. Use your personal information to register (Phone Number, Email)
  3. Ensure that the personal information used for borrowing is complete and accurate (Your ID, Name)
  4. Submit the loan application and wait for the result of the review
  5. Once the loan application is approved, the loan will be paid directly into your account

How to contact CediHelp Support?

Cedihelp Email: [email protected]


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get an instant loan from CediHelp. However, You can as well try these Four lenders (Click Here) , Bloomkcash (Click Here), GhanaLending (Click here), LendingPapa (Click Here), SikaPurse (Click Here) and WohiaSika (Click Here)

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