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Get a Free website domain for one year.



get a free domain for one year .xyz .dev .app
get a free domain for one year .xyz .dev .app

Are you planning to set up your next website but no funds to purchase a domain? Well, what if I tell you you can get a free website domain for one good year?

Yes, you heard me right. You can actually get a website domain for free without buying a dime legitimately.

In this article, I’d show you how to get a free website domain in a very simple steps. However, if you’d also need to get a free website hosting, then you should VISIT THIS PAGE to learn how to also get a free website hosting.

Without wasting much of your time, follow the steps below and get your free domain name.

PS: The domain extention you can get free for a year is .XYZ .DEV .APP, if these are okay, then read on.


How to get Free Website Domain?

Go to this website:

  • Choose your domain name ending in .app or .dev .xyz
  • Choose your payment terms.
  • Create an account.
  • Enter Coupon code: CODENEWBIE
  • Enter payment information.
  • Claim your free domain.

For Domain .xyz, enter the code: XYZFREE22

But you should know note that the money in the card must be at least 1 USD and will be refunded immediately.


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