fourcredy loan application
fourcredy loan application

FourCredy Loans for Bad Credit: Get Instant loan without collateral with this app

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If there’s anything we must applaud technology for, Fintech must be one facet technology deserves to hurray – Since it has automated delivery and enhanced the use of financial services.

The inception of Fintech has Aid Mankind in various ways which Mobile Loan is among.

Acquiring a Loan In Africa, Precisely In Ghana Is not guaranteed to be given either from the Bank, friend or a family member – Due to this people always find it tremendously difficult to implement their business ideas.

However, the introduction of Mobile Loan Apps In Ghana has come to ease our pain.

In This Article, we shall talk about how to get an Instant loan from FourCredy.

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fourcredy loan application
fourcredy loan application

What Is FourCredy Loan?

FourCredy is a mobile loan app that provides funds to lendees to solve their emergency financial difficulties.

FourCredy Gives loan with highest level of protection for lendees personal information.

How to apply for FourCredy Loan?

Applying for the FourCredy Loan is pretty easy, first you must download and install the app onto your Android Enabled device. (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR Search FourCredy On Google Play Store to download)

loan application with fourcredy loan app
loan application with fourcredy loan app

FourCredy Account Creation

When app is successfully installed, Click on Apply Now as shown in the image above.

You shall be taking to a place where you’d have to enter your mobile phone number, please do so.

After entering your phone number, Tap on GET OTP.

FourCredy will send you a 4 digit code, please use that in the space provided below.

screenshot 20220811 044333 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 044333 fourcredy

Once Done, Click On GO to proceed.

Basic Information

Now, you are required to provide basic information about yourself. As shown in the image below is all the information you’d have to provide.

  • Marital Status ( i.e Single, Married, Divorce etc)
  • Education ( junior High, Senior High, etc)
  • Region and District)
  • Street Address or Landmark
  • Home Ownership
  • How long you’ve lived in this place

Tap on NEXT to proceed.

screenshot 20220811 044611 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 044611 fourcredy

Professional Information

Under professional Information, FourCredy requires you to provide information about the work you do.

  • YOUR Main source of Income
  • Industry
  • Total Monthly income
  • Company name
  • What you do there
  • How long you’ve worked there
  • Your other sources of income (if any)
  • Purpose of this loan

Click on NEXT to go to the next page.

screenshot 20220811 044826 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 044826 fourcredy

Emergency Contacts

On this page, you are to select to people to serve as your emergency Contacts, people that FourCredy will call in case you default your loan.

See screenshot below to find out Details about this…

screenshot 20220811 045002 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 045002 fourcredy

Upload ID Card

Under the Upload ID Card page, you are to capture and upload your Ghana Card or voters ID with it information.

  • ID Number
  • Name Of ID
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Email Address
  • Alternate Number (Optional)

Face Recognition

You have to also take a selfie picture to verify that truly you is the one in the uploaded ID card.

After the face recognition, click on NEXT to proceed with the loan application process.

screenshot 20220811 050020 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 050020 fourcredy

MOMO Account Details

Now, you’d have to select the method to receive your money.

  • Account Information (I’d go for Hubtel)
  • Mobile Money Wallet (I’d choose MTN)
  • Account Number
  • Re-type your MOMO number

Please check screenshot below, after you should click on CONFIRM.

screenshot 20220811 050123 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 050123 fourcredy

Loan Amount

On the loan amount page, FourCredy will show the amount you qualify for and the repayment amount and date. If everything is okay for you, tap on CONFIRM.

screenshot 20220811 050158 fourcredy
screenshot 20220811 050158 fourcredy

Once you’ve confirmed the loan, FourCredy will approve and have the money disbursed into your momo Wallet in a jiffy.


Getting an instant loan in Ghana is pretty simple with the FourCredy mobile app.

I really hope this article guide you to get instant loan in your trying times.

Thanks for reading and please remember to share this article with friends and families.

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  1. Fourcredy is a scam app that uses this nice way of money lending to extort money from customers and the repayment date is not as stated here.. it’s just 6 days to pay whatever loan amount u took with about 30% interest rate in just one week.. they need to be sued because they are not regulated by Bank of Ghana and I just wish I knew this before I applied for their loan and most annoying is the part where they send ur picture to ur contacts and threatening them each day to take them to court .. pls if you are reading this , do well to stay away from them and they need to be reported and sued as well. Most importantly, they dnt have an operating office they operate from home or something.

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