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Boseafie Loan: Get an Instant Cash with this App, Here’s how-To.

boseafie how to apply a loan with this app
boseafie how to apply a loan with this app


Is 2022 and Fintech through Mobile Loan Apps has make it a no-brainer getting a loan using one’s smartphone.

Honestly Speaking, acquiring a loan with these mobile Loan Apps In Ghana is easy and confidential.

6 Major merits for using mobile Loan Apps In Ghana are as follows:

  1. Apply for a loan on your phone; anytime, anywhere.
  2. Receive your loan request decision within minutes.
  3. There are No hidden fees, all costs are displayed in the app.
  4. No paperwork, No waiting in bank queues.
  5. No collateral & No guarantor.
  6. Money is disbursed instantly.

We have written about over 7 Mobile Loan Apps In Ghana, In this particular article, we are going to talk about this new loan app on the market, Boseafie.

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What is Boseafie?

Boseafie provides you with fast loan services through your credit evaluation. If you have good credit, BoseaFie can help you solve your financial problems by providing loan services.

What Do you need to apply for Boseafie Loan?

  • A valid ID (Ghana Card, or Voter ID or Passport or Driver’s License;)
  • No significant criminal record and strong credit
  • Mobile Money account holder: MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash or AirtelTigo Money registered in your name.
  • Be a resident of Ghana, over 18 years of age and not above 60 years old.

What is the Interest Rate?

The interest rate for Boseafie Loan range from 7.16 percent to 22.01 percent each year.

The loan term is 91-180 days.

The service charge ranges from 0% to 1.35 %.

For example:

If you request for a GHS 1,000 loan, the period is 120 days, the yearly interest rate is 10.95 %, and the service rate is zero.

So, the daily interest rate of 10.95 % divided by 365 days equals 0.03 %.

The interest rate for 120 days is $1,000 multiplied by 10.95 % divided by 365 days is 36.

The total payback equals 1,000+36= GHS 1,036.

How To Apply For Boseafie Loan?

Now that almost all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, let’s tackle the loan application aspect!

To Apply for the Boseafie Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)


After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

Boseafie Sign up

boseafie loan application
boseafie loan application

Once tthe application is launched, you should see a screen similar to the one above, Kindly click on Loan.

boseafie otp code
boseafie otp code

On the next page, type in your mobile number in the space provided and click on “Get OTP“.

type in boseafie otp code
type in boseafie otp code

After that, a four digit code will be sent to the number you used, please type it in the space provided, And proceed.

apply for boseafie loan
apply for boseafie loan

When successed, you Shall come back to the homepage again, this time around showing the amount Boseafie can lend you on your first application Normally 80-100 cedis, the tenure and interest rate.

However, when you pay your loan on time, you increases your credit score and gets higher amounts.

Click on Loan again.

Below is an example of the page you should be seeing now, let’s begin from the ID(s).

ID Information
uncompleted boseafie authentication process
uncompleted boseafie authentication process

Capture tthe front and back of your ID, make sure is clear and not blur. Scroll down and fill out the forms.

boseafie identify information voters id card old or new
boseafie identify information voters id card old or new

After capturing the Front and back of the ID card, In the spaces provided, Type In:

  1. Your Surname (i.e Nyarko)
  2. Your First Name (i.e Frank)
  3. Your Middle Name – thus if you have any (i.e Osei)
  4. Type the ID Number
  5. Select your gender (Male Or Female)
  6. The ID your submitted, which one was it? (voters ID – New or Old, Ghana Card, Driver License etc) select that here.

Proceed by Click on SUBMIT

Personal Information

Under Personal Information, you are supposed to provide the following details :

  • Date Of Birth
  • Are you a student – Yes, No or part-time.
  • Education Level (Jhs, SHs, Tertiary)
  • Your
  • Your type of residence (Owner, Family house, or rent)
  • Your residence address
  • Detailed address
  • Place of residence (Any landmark near your home)
  • Residence
  • Residence time(how long you’ve lived there)
  • Your Source Income
  • Your Marital Status (Single, married, divorced)
  • Relatives in need of care(Usually people who are dependent on you.)
  • Your correct Email address
  • Your Backup phone number

When done, click on SUBMIT to continue to the next page.

Emergency Contact
boseafie emergency contacts
boseafie emergency contacts

You are required to select three people as reference. Boseafie will call them in case of any emergency. They usually call one of then people the loan will be disbursed to you.

Job Information

Under the Job Information, Boseafie would like to know what you do for living, thus;

  • Work unit Name
  • The industry your Work Unit falls under
  • Your work address
  • Detailed address about your work
  • Any Landmark near your work place
  • What
  • What do you actually do in your work (Marketing officer, Content creator, Ceo etc)
  • Time to work in months
  • How much you earn monthly
  • Your Payday
  • Your work content.

Once done, click on SUBMIT to continue.

boseafie loan authorization process
boseafie loan authorization process

Once all the information is marked as Completed, you are a step or two away from the loan disbursement.

Apply for a loan

screenshot 20220209 001054
screenshot 20220209 001054

All your information was successfully submitted, now Boseafie will show the amount you will receive from them in the next page with the Loan duration.(8 days)

Answer some few questions and have your loan disburse to you via Momo

  • Use of loan (Personal, business, etc)
  • Where did you heard about Boseafie (A friend introduction, google play store etc)
  • Method of payment (Where do you want to receive your fund at – MTN, Vodafone or AirtelTigo Momo? Select that here)
  • You have any coupon? If YES input it here or skip If No

Now, tick on “I have and Accepted Loan Agreement” and click on SUBMIT LOAN APPLICATION.

Hand Sign Contract

Sign your signature with your finger on the white space provided and click on DETERMINE.

screenshot 20220209 002217 com.pandada.boseafie
screenshot 20220209 002217 com.pandada.boseafie

Selfie Time

Its now selfie time with the Big Boys, let’s bam bam with our ID, LOL.

Last, but not the least, you are required to take a selfie of yourself holding your ID.

Do this and your loan should hit your momo wallet in now time.


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get an instant loan from Boseafie Loan. However, You can as well try these Four lenders (Click Here) , AdamfoPa Loan (Click Here) Bloomkcash (Click Here), GhanaLending (Click here), LendingPapa (Click Here), SikaPurse (Click Here) and WohiaSika (Click Here)


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  1. Please I’m a customer of Boseafie my loan payment is due I want to pay it off but I can’t so if there is any other way, my phone was stolen and I have not been able to replace the sim card so if you can assist thanks

  2. Jonathan Opintan says:

    Pls what is the repay code

  3. Hello please I want to make payment but my phone is lost and my app is lost too…how can I make payment??

    • Please get a friends phone and download the app, login to the app with your details and pay. NB: Don’t send money to anyone. Only use the app to repay your loan.

      • Grace Tetteh says:

        Hi please I’m a customer of boseafie . I’m using a new phone and the app is not on playsore to download.I need assistance because i want to apply for a loan

      • Isaac says:

        Boseafie why have you deleted your app in playstore, because since first may your app is not active in playstore,why?

        • Hi, please they will soon come back.

          • Jessica says:

            I have been trying to apply for another loan is not successful

          • Samuel says:

            Please I’ve been getting messages of good repayment record so I should reapply but then I’ve deleted the app. And I can’t find it on the app store. What should I fo

          • Kombiok martin says:

            Pls where is ur office located? I have a serious complaint to make but the service representatives do not attend to me when I call.

  4. Florence says:

    Please am your customer but now I can’t download again at play store and Google so please send me the sms pop up so that I can download from the site.

  5. Grace Tetteh says:

    Hi please I’m a customer of boseafie . I’m using a new phone and the app is not on playsore to download.I need assistance because i want to apply for a loan

  6. Please my name is Agyare frempong isaac
    Please The App is no where to be found at play store almost a week now,and I want to apply for it ,so please attend to me cause I am of your loyal customer,you can even see from your service or devic

  7. johnson says:

    how do i use the app on pc

  8. Kwame Ato says:

    Please i made a repayment throught the short code *713*400#(an alternative way) since the app wasn’t available but i had a message today that my loan repayment has been overdue. What do i have to do now?

  9. Felix tetteh says:

    Hello my name is Paris today I’m just searching this Napa register by I cannot find it download side so please I need to pay my money but I don’t know how to be I’m trying to call your office line don’t get you people so please try to contact with me thank you

  10. Aku says:

    Please how can I get the app since it’s not in play store

  11. Rudolf owusu says:

    please I want to exact pay my loan but I have been attack k need the office number to assist me to download the app and pay the loan

  12. Kakraba says:

    Hello, Please I want to download the boseafie app but I can’t find it on on playstore. Kindly help me with that.

  13. Alex Ennin Asiedu says:

    Please my loan repayment is not going through using the short code *713*400# and I have lost the App too. So please how do I make a repayment and then borrow again. Thank you

  14. Opoku Asare Grace says:

    Hi please i want to pay my loan but i can’t find your app on Google play store so help me please

  15. Nicholas says:

    good evening, your loan app can’t be found on playstore any longer
    kindly work on that please

  16. Kokoroko light says:

    I have mistakenly uninstalled my boseafie app and I can’t find it on playstall again so pls how can I download it

  17. Fuseini says:

    Fuseini is my name.
    I tried so many times to access quick loan on my mtn but they kept telling me i do not qualify.
    But i have been using my mtn line for almost 2 years now.

  18. Albert Kwofie says:

    I’m Albert have been trying to get the loan but have been rejected please can u help me

  19. Amponsah naomi says:

    Pls I am constomer of BoseaFie and I want to repay the money but unfortunate I Lost the sim itry to used different one to pay it but it didn’t work if I can help me to do it i was in school and they call me so pls help me out

    • Hi, please is advisable you uses the Sim card you used in borrowing the loan to repay.
      Kindly download the app, and sign in with your old number and repay your loan in the app.

      For further assistance, kindly contact me on what’s app via 0545880700

  20. Joshua says:

    Hi, please i need help logging to my account. I’ve been trying throughout the day but to no avail… I’m being asked to get OPT but the opt message is not being sent to my number, I’ve reach the maximum number of OPT for the day but but I haven’t received any yet… Please help me login to my account.

  21. James Gyamah says:

    I Took a loan. But I don’t have the App on my phone again. I tried the *713*400.
    I keep getting the response to try again later. mean while I get messages on daily basis, which I cannot reply but the money kept increasing. since its overdue for almost 6 days. I can’t call back and I do not receive any calls too. I really want some one to contact me as soon as possible.

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    Pls I want to communicate with someone at boseafia.any help pls

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    Pls where is ur office located? I have a serious complaint to make but the service representatives do not attend to me when I call.

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