3 BIGGEST Mistakes YouTubers make in 2022

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Promolta shares the 3 biggest mistakes YouTubers make in their videos. Please make sure these mistakes are not negatively impacting you also 🙂

1. Not having a strong hook in the first 30 seconds. Majority of viewers drop off in the first 30 seconds and it’s CRITICAL to grab their attention.

We dont even recommend having a channel preview in your videos. Instead it’s best to start with the content AND the most important content first.

Thus, make sure the first 30 seconds of your videos are ACTION PACKED. This way any person who discovers your video will stay and watch it.

2. Not having a theme on your YouTube channel. The best channels have 1 main theme. Either all music, or all technology, or all business for example. The more things you incorporate in your channel the HARDER it will be for fans to connect with you.

A viewer should land on your channel and instantly know what it’s all about.

3. Not having playlists. Make sure your YouTube channel looks full on the HOME tab and on the VIDEOS tab. There are some channels that have content but almost nothing shows up on the HOME tab because they have no playlists.

Check how your YouTube channel looks on the HOME tab in incognito browser so you can experience your channel the way a new viewer would. Also, make sure you have at least 5 PLAYLISTS on the HOME tab of your channel.

Hope you enjoyed these tips.

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