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LoanPro Instant Loan: Get Up to ¢1000 Instant Mobile Loan In Ghana With LoanPro App.



screenshot 20220712 105312 loanpro
– loanpro –

If there’s anything we must applaud technology for, Fintech must be one facet technology deserves to hurray – Since it has automated delivery and enhanced the use of financial services.

The inception of Fintech has Aid Mankind in various ways which Instant Mobile Loan is among.

Acquiring a Loan In Africa, Precisely In Ghana Is not guaranteed to be given either from the Bank, friend or a family member – Due to this people always find it tremendously difficult to implement their business ideas.

However, the introduction of Instant Mobile Loan Apps In Ghana has come to ease our pain.

In This Article, we shall talk about how to get an Instant loan from LoanPro.

loan pro instant mobile loan app in ghana
– loan pro instant mobile loan app in ghana –

What Is LoanPro?

I heard you ask, What is LoanPro? – Well, LoanPro is an Instant Mobile Loan App in Ghana that offers flexible Loan Products. i.e. Online Instant Loans in Ghana, Super Loan and Better Loans.

LoanPro is a Product of Sikapurse, a leading Lending app in Ghana.

Who Is Eligible For LoanPro’s Loan?

The Eligibility of the LoanPro Loan Application are:

1、Applicant must a citizen of Ghana
2、Applicant must at the ages of 20 to 55
3、Applicant must have a valid voter ID and mobile wallet.

What Makes LoanPro a Better Option than It Competitors?

You might have heard of lots of Mobile Loan apps in Ghana, So, You may be wondering why you should choose LoanPro Over the Others.

Below are the reason why you should Choose LoanPro;

  1. LoanPro Have No Hidden Charges
  2. You can get a loan of up to Gh¢ 5,000
  3. You Can/Will Choose your payment Tenure
  4. LoanPro team Are Available 24/7
  5. LoanPro is Secure, Reliable and Flexible
  6. LoanPro Provide Credit Decision.

LoanPro Interest Rate?

The interest rate for LoanPro starts from 10% to 25% per annum with a maximum Annual interest Rate(AP) of :25%.

For example, if you apply for a loan of GHS 1,000, the term is 150 days and the annual interest rate is 18.25%.

So the daily interest rate=18.25%/365=0.05%, the interest for 150 days =GHS 1,000×18.25%/365×150= GHS 75, the total repayment=GHS 1,000+GHS 75= GHS 1,075.

How to Apply for Instant Mobile Loan in Ghana With LoanPro App?

Now, I’m certain all the questions buzzing your mind are answered, let’s tackle the loan application aspect!

To Apply for the LoanPro’s Loan, You will need to download their mobile App from Google Playstore (Click Here To Download)

After the app is successfully installed, Lunch/Open it.

LoanPro Account Creation

screenshot 20220712 104735 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 104735 loanpro

As shown in the Screenshot Above, Fill in the space provided, Tick “I agree to the Privacy Policy” and Click on Submit.

Ps: When you type your phone number, LoanPro shall you a a One-time code, use that in the “Enter the OTP” Space.

After a successful account creation, you’d be taking to a page where you will have to provide some basic information about yourself.

Personal Information

It is required you take a picture of your ID card. i.e. VOTER’S ID(Old Or New).

As illustrated in the below image, click on the Camera to capture your ID.

NB: Make Sure the Photo is clear and complete, you can’t modify it once you click on NEXT!

Now, Type/select Your:-

  1. Name (First Name, Last Name and Middle Name – If You have)
  2. VOTER’S ID number
  3. Select Your Gender
  4. What is Your Date Of Birth? – Select that Here –
screenshot 20220712 105012 loanpro

Please do check all information is accurate before you click on NEXT!

Company Information and Emergency Contacts

• On this page, Provide your company’s name or your place of work


• Enter your company’s mobile phone number, in my case, I used my own number.

• Where is your company situated, or where do you reside? Select that Here.

Under the Emergency Contacts, select two people as references.

Don’t worry, they will not call them. SikaPurse will only call these people when you can’t pay back your loan.

screenshot 20220712 105141 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105141 loanpro

MOMO Wallet Information

screenshot 20220712 105218 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105218 loanpro

Last, you must provide your MOMO number to enable LoanPro disbursed the loan to you once approved.

Select your Vendor (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo)

Type on your Mobile Number.

Tap on Get Code, and type in the code you received on your number to verify.

screenshot 20220712 105231 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105231 loanpro

To avoid any inconvenience, please check this information keenly well to make sure there’s no mistake here…

Any error made be you will result in LoanPro disbursing the loan to a wrong number which you can’t hold LoanPro responsible.

When all the information is accurate, Click on Submit.


Now that you’ve provided all the necessary information about yourself, click on APPLY NOW.

Note: LoanPro gives Ghc100 as a starter and once you pay your loan on time, they increases your loan offer.

screenshot 20220712 105301 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105301 loanpro

Selfie Time

screenshot 20220712 105332 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105332 loanpro

LoanPro requires you take a selfie photo to prove you truly wants to borrow the money.

When you are done taking the selfie, Click next to proceed.

screenshot 20220712 105418 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105418 loanpro

After a successful selfie photo submission, your loan application will be under review.

LoanPro will can you in no time to verify whether they should disburse the money or they should cancel.

Once you consent to it, your loan will hit your MOMO Wallet in now time.

screenshot 20220712 105428 loanpro
screenshot 20220712 105428 loanpro

LoanPro Contact Information

Call Loan Pro On: 0565945486

LoanPro Email: [email protected]

LoanPro Location

LoanPro Address : Spintex Rd Opposite ICGC, Accra, GHANA.


We are done for today, I hope this article helps you get an instant loan from LoanPro.

However, You can as well try these lenders CashNow, Sikawura, LoanClub, Crestcash, BegyeBosea, Credxter, 4Cedi, Sikapurse, Fido.

There are lots of interesting stuffs here on, Kindly check out our HomePage(Click Here)



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  1. Eric says:

    Loan pro is not giving me a loan I have applied for 21/08/2022 I do not want quarry from them because I have not receive any money or any messages from them…..

  2. Please I want to repay my loan but it’s not going through so please give me the notification so that I can follow it to pay my loan Loanpro

    • Please contact LoanPro on this number: 0565945486

      • Ebenezer Bimpeh-Mensah says:

        Its not working

        • Neglo Grace says:

          I have applied for a loan from loanpro… Earlier this afternoon
          After the process I checked my bank account but didn’t receive any money which I applied for. Not even a message…. meanwhile they said I have applied.. attached with due date of payment. I went to check to find your contact but the number posted there was a wrong number and the email to is fake.
          Now I didn’t and haven’t received any money so I don’t want to receive any call..pls take notes

      • Neglo Grace says:

        The number is a wrong number… it’s fake.Even the Email to is fake

  3. Ebenezer Bimpeh-Mensah says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I’ve applied for a loan since yesterday but my loan is still under review.
    I need the loan urgently.
    I’ve called your hotline several times all to no avail.
    Please help me out.
    Thank you

  4. Ellis says:

    please 0244581062 is my number reject my loan
    dont sent any money to my account

  5. Please don’t send money into my account my number is 0240812005 and this account 0025312995018 it’s fake pls don’t send money into this account

  6. Issahaku shayawudeen says:

    Good morning.. I’m issahaku shayawudeen registered as loan pro customer. .I apply for a Loan from laonpro yesterday and I was told to use my bank account so it will be paid into it..I did that but only to wake up this morning, check in my loanpro app and it’s indicating they paid money into my account meanwhile I did not receive no money to my bank account..please I want you people to kindly check and correct the mistake you made cuz no money came to my bank account..u stated the due date will be 28th so I’m just texting to make u aware of this so I won’t be having issues with you when u start calling for me to make payments of Money I did not bank account details is ,7011012791590 and registered name is sulemana issahaku

  7. Ann says:

    Please I tried to made payment of my loan and you deducted more than what was supposed to be deducted from my wallet
    How do l get my money back

  8. Augustine boakye says:

    Please reject my loan for me. I don’t need it anymore. If not, I won’t pay please.

    • Augustine boakye says:

      Phone number 0240636923. Reject my loan. I can’t pay pls

      • Osman says:

        Please who happens to loanpro app on playstore. I searching for it but I can’t find it. Is it that they have change to a different name. Please I need ur help

  9. am selling shoes and slippers.

  10. EDMUND LARBI says:

    Good day.Please my name is Edmund Larbi.
    I took a loan and still haven’t reflected into my account.They have given me due date for repaying of my loan but hasn’t received any money.

  11. Ruth says:

    Please what is loan pro contact number

  12. me says:

    i took loan from there and the way their calls center ladies call and talk to you errr i advice you dont get a loan from them if you have value for your integrity and you respect yourself that much… am done dealing with them

  13. Samuel Nyame says:

    Am Samuel Nyame,I requested a loan from 30th December and was two weeks under review. Since the loan was taking too long I call one of your agent’s to cancel it….I even sent a message but still nothing happened, your number on the app too can’t reach when I call.

    All this is unprofessional…..,now since you guys have not been paying attention to your work am not going to be hold accountable for any of your lost.

  14. Samuel Nyame says:

    I told you people to cancel the loan request since ur organization is illegal and unprofessional. I requested a loan from 28 December and it was three weeks under review,I called all your contacts and wasn’t active….. before I knew the Bank of Ghana has written to the public warning not to do business with these entities who run loan business on phone apps. It is said that these entities abuse their costumes with huge amount of interest and low due payment time and do not pay any task to the government.

    These entities or companies who run their loan business on apps keeps harassing their victims with treats and access their contacts by sending messages to their contact list…. meanwhile they have no legal right with the bank of Ghana and the government, please be smart.

  15. King says:

    Is the punishment for a defaulter, sending messages to his contacts that he hasn’t paid. Whereby anytime your agents call, he or she picks up the call.
    2. Your agent call to threaten the defaulter and also talking harshly to the defaulter, it I may ask will that make a defaulter have the zeal to do the needful.

    • Issahaku Osman says:

      I think they don’t have money again to do business. I applied for a loan on the 13th of this month n up till date is still under review. Now i don’t need the loan yet I can’t cancel it neither can I contact any of the agents. I will be grateful if anyone can give me any of the agents number to call.

  16. Godwin says:

    This people are harassing my wife because of 100gh sending message with her picture to her contact list what is the meaning of that who should we report this issue to the number they use is not even registered what do i do. because i want to go and report to the police what does this nonsense means…. can’t our government do something to this apps

  17. Godwin says:

    This people are evil please you guys are fake

  18. Godwin says:

    When you even call the customer service line it not going through

  19. Godwin says:

    So after disgracing the person you guys still expect your money to be payed are you guys humans God will punish you guys

  20. Afia says:

    What happens if someone use u as a guarantor without ur knowledge

  21. Prince Philip Obeng says:

    Please my small boy mistakenly used my phone and have applied for a loan, please I want get that huge amount of interest to pay. Please don’t send the money I’m not ready for any loan
    NUMBER: 0241416273
    BANK NO. : 1071010036503

  22. Osman says:

    Please I can’t find loanpro app on playstore again.what is happening

  23. Please the app cannot be found and I need to pay off

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