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ChasteLoan – Get Mobile Loan In Ghana With ChasteLoan App in 2 minutes.



Mobile loans has become common in Ghana recently due the economic hardship in the country.

As such, many Lending Company is taking advantage of that and making loan acquiring pretty simple and straightforwarded.

Day in and Out, there’s one or two new lending app emerging the fintech market. This is really making it difficult to choose which app you should acquire loan from.

However, some of this loan apps have pretty High interest rate and a very short term tenure which usually leads users to default.

But have if I tell you there are some with quite minimal interest rate and a reasonable term tenure for repayment, would you believe? Yes there is. – Ostensibly, ChasteLoan is among.

The likes of Fido Loan, Ghanalending, Sikapurse and maybe 4Cedi Loan are my favourite though.

However, this article is about ChasteLoan, how to get an instant loan in Ghana With This app. Without further ado, let’s get started.


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What is ChasteLoan?

ChasteLoan is a mobile loan app that conducts big data analysis through the personal details submitted by customers, and uses the analysis results to match the appropriate loan amount to customers. It’s pretty simple.

screenshot 20220719 092552 chasteloan
screenshot 20220719 092552 chasteloan

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How to apply for ChasteLoan

Applying for ChasteLoan is simple like I’ve said earlier, follow the steps below to get your instant loan.

  1. You must first Download ChasteLoan and register your own exclusive account;
    2. Tap on the application button and fill in your basic information according to the prompted steps;
    3. ChasteLoan will audit your loan application, after the audit is completed within 2 minutes, you can apply for funds to enter your lending account;
    4. NOTE: Repayment on time MEANS you can apply for a higher amount next time.
screenshot 20220719 092542 chasteloan
screenshot 20220719 092542 chasteloan

Chaste Loan Description

ChasteLoan interest: 6.91% ~ 22.14%(per year)

ChasteLoan term: 91~121 Days

ChasteLoan Contacts Information

Email:  [email protected]
Phone: +233 0570000842


I pretty hope this article helps you get instant loan from ChasteLoan. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Charlotte Bachino says:

    My loan approval has not yet reached in my wallet

  2. Dornor Gabriel says:

    My loan haven’t shown in my Momo wallet,and I have been given a repayment time

  3. Williams donkor says:

    My loan haven’t shown in my wallet but I having given payment time 8day

    • Send me the app please. I’m trying to request for loan for almost 4 days now but they’re not given me the confirmation code

  4. Tee says:

    I mistakenly paid my loan twice yesterday,and I have been trying to reach chastloan through their customer service and it’s not going through please I need a refund.

  5. Gaston oboube says:

    Chastloan is the best great app in Ghana… I’d tried many loan app but since I downloaded I my phone I though I was doing mistake. What surprise me is after chipping I received my loan through my momo wallet in 12 hours time and they start increasing the loans for me. Because of this loan app everything has change and my business is growing…
    But I suspecting one thing about the app like the 8 days repayment. The personal loan from 700 going could it be easy to pay such as loan in 8 days time I don’t think
    So kindly review this part of the app for us please

  6. I need your help because I’m trying their app but it wasn’t working.. the confirmation code .. so please if u can kindly get it for me

  7. Dominic Coffie [email protected] says:

    I am not getting the app any more is there any means I can pay my loan balance?

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